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Synthetic polycrystalline  diamondcompact(PDC) is composed polycrystalline
diamond layer and cemented carbide
substrate. It is a kind of super-abrasive
product     sintered     under     super-high
pressure and at high temperature. With
excellent wear-ability, this very hard
product has impact toughness. 
Flat polycrystalline diamond compact
Mainly used for making roller cone bit for
petroleum drilling and tools for coalmine
drilling and geological drilling. Now three
kinds of PDC are available: PDC for mining, PDC for coalmine drilling & PDC for oil field


 The shape interface can be flat or not. The range of thickness of polycrystalline
diamond layer is from 0.8mm to 3mm. And we cut the PDC to different shape as per
customer' s requirement. 
For mining: 3B1008, 3B1304, 3B1308, 3B1313, 3B1908
For coalmine drilling: 3B1204, 3B1304
For oil field drilling: 3B1308, 3B1608, 3B1613, 3B1908, 3B1913, 3B1916  

Sharp-edge PDC cutters


 The sharp-edge PDC is a new kind of superhard material developed by Feiray. It has|
excellent wear-ability and impact toughness. And with the special shape design of the
diamond layer, it can have a better performance than the flat-shaped PDC. It can avoid
the PDC force too centralizedk, so that reducing the PDC damage. Mainly used for making
roller bits, coal mining bits and geological bits.

Parameter table

Special-shaped PDC cutters
We are the first manufacturer of special-shaped diamond enhanced insert in
China,can made by your different requirements. 
The manufacturing principle is  same  as  that  of  ordinary  PDC.  But  the  shape  of
diamond layer is different for different application. Spherical insert (3BQ series), conical
insert (3BZ series), wedge insert (3BX series), eccentric wedge insert (3BBX series), fiat
insert (3BP series) are available.

 1. Spherical insert (3BQ series)
Mainly for   roller bit for petroleum drilling, can also for small and medium-sized button
bit, DTH bit. With good wear ability and better impact toughness, it can be for percussiondrilling. 

 Photo  Chart

 2. Conical insert (3BZ series) 

Mainly used for gage protection or as main cutting teeth of roller bit for petroleum drilling.

Can also for DTH bit requiring high efficiency.
 Photo  Chart

3. Wedge insert (3BX series)

Mainly used for gage protection or as main cutting teeth of roller bit for petroleum drillin
 Photo  Chart

4. Eccentric wedge insert (3BBX series)

Mainly used for gage protection or as main cutting teeth of roller bit for petroleum drilling.
 Photo  Chart

5. Gage protection insert (3BP series)

Mainly used for gage protection for palm of roller bit for petroleum drillings.

 Photo  Chart




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