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Diamond micron powder

 Metal bond micron powder

Product description:
Using high strength, pure quality diamond as raw materials; epigranular size, tidy shape; good purity, high hardness, great abrasion resistance; also have an excellent thermal conductivity,electric insulativity, pervious to light quality and corrosion resistance
For machinery, electronics, aerospace, aviation, optical and other high-tech areas; also is widely used in finishing, grinding, polishing metal, ceramic workpieces

 Resin bond diamond micron powder

Product description
Using RVD diamond as raw materials; appearing sharp-edged of cutting blade when being crashed under certain pressure, have a good self sharpness performance;Irregular particle surface and shape-edged of corner cut.
Applied to processing tungsten carbide, PCD die, stone materials, ceramics, gems and optical glass, PCD workpiece, etc.

                                                       CBN micron powder

Product description:
Amber-colored cubic boron nitride micro powder. CBN micro powder with complete specification, high purity,
predominant thermal stability, good self-sharp ability, high grinding efficiency. By using this material, the users will have better quality tools as well as precise and smooth
working surface
Applications:Suitable for processing ferrous materials


Product description:
Black cubic boron nitride micro powder. Grain sizes have a narrow range, the coefficient of movement is small,also it has the same great characteristics with the amber-colored cubic boron nitride micro powder.
ApplicationsAlso suitable for processing ferrous materials.

 Nanoscale micron powder 
Product description:
High strength and toughness properties, epigranular, low content of impurities,perfect shapes and surface performances, powerful grinding force.High wear resistance and good lubricity PTFE matrix composites.
ApplicationsThe most ideal polishing compound,may obtain an atomistic level of polishing surface. Especially in various kinds of hard materials finishing and polishing, such as, fine ceramics,integrated circuit chips, all kinds of precious gems,ferrous magnetic head,quartz pieces, super hard alloy, optical lens,etc., which is the production of irreplaceable materials for polycrystalline diamond and diamond film.
 Explosion Method Diamond Micron

Product description:
High toughness, its size is under 10 micron, product purity is more than 99%,which has reached the international level. The micro powder in current domestic market can’t compared with this high-tech quality diamond powder
ApplicationsThis product superiority, makes it especially suitable for finishing and polishing all kinds of hard brittle materials, for example, cemented carbide, fine ceramics, precious gems and granite. Work efficiency is equal or greater than artificial single crystal and natural monocrystalline diamond.




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