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Big size Diamond
TC Drawing die
TC CNC Inserts
TC Brazed tip

Monocrystalline diamond, regular crystal shape, complete hexahedron, octahedron. Excellent purity, high strength, toughness and thermal stability, impact resistant ability. Applications for processing hard metal bond and electroplated tools, grinding apparatus and geological drilling, etc
A premium grade abrasive that has the characteristics of high strength and great thermal stability. Suitable for manufacturing grinding tools, cutting tools, grinding wheel, medium load tools

High performancemost of them are cubo-octahedral crystal shapehigh strength and good thermal stability. Apply to high strength saw cutting, drilling and grinding tools.


Great transparencycrystal shapes and intensity distribution spread widely, low content of impurities. Applications for circular saws, frame saws and geological broaches 

Medium range and its crystal shape has relatively a high ratio of complete cut. It’s fit for ordinary saw blades or high quality in cutting circular saw blades

Strong well shaped diamond, low impurity content, high impact resistance. Suitable for electroplated tools and polishing covers, the broad spectrum of metal bond diamond tools, utilised in the wide range of machining applications in the ceramics industries

A relatively complete crystal shape, high strength, a certain percentage diamond with full crystal shape. Used in manufacturing grinding tools, cutting tools, grinding wheel, medium load tools.
Crystal shape is similar in size with medium strength, belongs to  medium and low grade.  Applied to cutting tools, grinding wheels which work with low load
Sharp crystal shape. Applied to manufacturing resin bond or metal bond tools to process hard alloy and grind as well as polish common cemented products
Resin bond diamond, irregular crystal shape, preferably self sharpness. Can be used in making resin bond or vitrified bond grinding apparatus to processing hard alloy, non-metal and polishing natural diamond, etc
It has the characteristics of friable and strong self sharpness, light gray, polycrystalline shape, low in hardness. Particularly applications for free cutting and high surface grinding materials
Multi-nano-crystal structure, black, low intensity, micro-chipping and good self sharpness. Applied to resin bond tools required high processing efficiency



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