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        Our laser welded diamond blade have the characteristic of high efficiency and high wearability. With the updated laser welded technology, our laser welded blade have solved the phenomena of segments dropping which existed in the brazed products, they are especially suitable for processing concrete and construction materials. By combining our success experience in other region, we can design the blades according to different processing purpose
Laser Welded Diamond Blade

High-Frequency Blade
By melting the silver welding rods between the segments and the blades blank during the high frequency, the high-frequency blades has the character of: high combination ability, sharp, long working time and economical, suitable for concrete, ceramics, asphalt, stones and other brittle hard materials.

Masonry Balde
Concrete Blade

Asphalt Blade
Mainly adapt to cut all types of asphalt pavement, both dry asphalt cutting and wet asphalt cutting. Customizing specifications to adap to the special cutting equipment.

Granite & Marble Blade
This saw blade is fit for wet cutting saw blades, suitable for fast cutting marble, granite, cement, etc.

Tile blade
1、This blade designed for tile saws, circular saws, bench saws, bridge saws, etc..
2、Hot pressed sintered, continuous rim.
3、Wet use.

Turbo Blade
Serrated shape continuously presents turbo with convex-concave equality, which has improved the cutting speed and has increased the service life.

1、 Type dry fast cutting blades cut marble and granite stones rapidly.

2、 Type wet fast cutting blades cut general brick and stones.

Continuous Rim Blade
Suitable for ceramics and building materials.

Diamond Blade with Silent Core

Electroplated Diamond Saw Blade
Electroplated productive technology is sharper, more wearproof and produces less waste materials compared with sintered diamond saw blades.
Mainly used for many kinds of materials such as marble, ceramics, PVC plastic, fiber glass, etc.

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