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Titanium coated with diamond

Product descriptionIn high temperature sintering and high temperature grinding, coating for the diamond on isolation to protect, prevent the occurrence of graphitization, oxidation or other chemical change, keep the own quale of the diamond, improve the effect of products
ApplicationsSuitable for metal or vitrified bond products

Nickel coated with diamond

Product descriptionFrom grinding heat after coating buffer function, and then to the contact with agglutinant, which can be safe against burning-out as the high temperature impact from the moment, retard the speed of diamond grains off, maintain the holding force of the abrasive, with excellent thermal conductivity.
ApplicationsAppropriate for resin bond materils

CuCopper coated with diamond

Product descriptionStrong corrosion resistance, high strength, suitable for deep drilling, thus easily into the underground, copper sheet will not burst and fall off. By increasing mechanical holding force of the diamond and reduce heat damage, can effectively improve the tools use life
ApplicationsApply to resin bond products, especially suitable for soil strong corrosion places

Titanium coated with CBN

Product descriptionHigh grinding efficiency, high durable degree, easy to trim, ceramic bond materials has the good chemical stability, heat resistance, oil resistance and erosion  of Acidproof Alkali, can adapt to all kinds of grinding liquid
ApplicationsSuitable for vitrified and high temperature metal bond materials
Nickel coated with CBN 
Product descriptionNickel layer can expedite bindingability between the CBN single crystal and the tire body, extend the service life of tools, also can improve the holding force, protect the diamond from oxidation and promote metal erosion of diamond graphitization
ApplicationsCBN nickel plating is applicable to resin bond products



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